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1987: Advertisments
Thunder Trucks | Natas Kaupas

1987: Advertisments

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Team Update: Guy Mariano on Thunder [22/4/2019]
A classic spot and a one of a kind approach, it doesnt get any better. Thunder Trucks welcomes Guy Mariano to the team.

Full Part: Thunder Trucks presents Patrick Praman [16/4/2019]
Smooth style, great trick selection and VX100 - Patrick Praman puts all the pieces together in his first solo video part, filmed from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Commercial: Jack Olson for Thunder Trucks [23/3/2018]
From rails to ledges and everything in between, Jack Olson makes it all look too easy in his Knows part. Youll want to rewind that ender...


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2016: Commercials
Na-Kel Smith Knows from Thunder Trucks
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2015: Commercials
John Fitzgerald Knows. Thunder Trucks. The Leader In Control.
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2014: Commercials
THUNDER X HUF : Brad Cromer Cherry Park Session.
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2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Thunder Trucks | Na-Kel Smith Knows Ad

1987: Advertisments: Show Picture
Thunder Trucks | Natas Kaupas

1995: Advertisments: Show Picture
Thunder Trucks | Josh Kalis

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Jamie Foys Setup [13/10/2018]
There is method to Jamie Foys skateboard setup madness. His ability to lock-in and sit on top of massive rails with easy is astonishing.

Walker Ryan Thunder Part + Interview [17/11/2016]
Thunder Trucks has released a full part and an interview with Walker Ryan.

Skateboard Catalogs Spring 2011 [28/2/2011]
Many of the skateboard brands has gotten their spring 2011 product catalogs out on the web. Here is a list of links for those interested.

K-Town Winter Jam 2011 [13/1/2011]
Robins Hood presents the K-Town Winter Jam next month. Here is some information about the event.

Shortcuts: Eero Anttila [26/5/2009]
The third round trick in the King of Skate contest is presented by Eero Antila. Here is the shortcuts checkout.

Shortcuts: Kristofer Hallgren [21/5/2009]
Kristofer Koffe Hallgren presents the trick for this years second round in the King of Skate online event. Here is the shortcuts checkout.

Sandvika Miniramp Jam 2008 Results [6/9/2008]
The temporary miniramp in Sandvika has been moved to Arena Bekkestua. Here is some information and the results from the miniramp jam.

Scandinavia Open 2003 Results and Footage [31/12/2004]
Here are results and footage from the 2003 Scandinavia Open contest.

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2016: Advertisments [26/9/2016]