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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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The Nine Club Episode 115 [15/10/2018]
Evan Smith discusses growing up in Florida, watching his uncle skate in Tampa Am, going on a trip with Listen Skateboards, Jeff Pang hooking him up with DC Shoes, his experimental phase with psychedelics, getting on Element Skateboards, his love for music, filming for the Element Peace video and much more!

Skaters Favorite Skater: Bobby Worrest Episode [15/10/2018]
Bobbys favorite skater has a crazy good 360 flip and a unique bag of tricks, but most importantly, he approaches everything with aggressive power and style. Nice choice, Bob! Hit play.

Loveletters Season 9: Tony Hawk Episode [13/10/2018]
Grosso sits down with Tony Hawk for a conversation that spans their almost 40 years of skateboarding and friendship.

Episode: Skateline 09-10-2018 [13/10/2018]
Grant Taylor, Franky Villani PRO! Tom Remillard, Lil Wayne and more.

Episode: Skate Hoarders with Tony Hawk [13/10/2018]
From a framed invitation to the White House to Mock cologne bottles, his fake check from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (which ended up funding the Tony Hawk Foundation), Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, The very first Birdhouse board ever made, Kiss-themed Skateboards, his Del Mar Skate Ranch membership card... the list goes on and on.

The Video Show Marc Johnson Modus Operandi Episode [13/10/2018]
Jaime Owens sat down with Marc Johnson to go through one of our most requested video parts. MJs opening part from 2000s Modus Operandi. Helmed by Ty Evans and Jon Holland, it was a part that opened a lot of our minds to Built To Spill, Bob Dylan as a lounge singer, and the legend of Cliff Kaufman.

Skaters Favorite Skater Stefan Janoski Episode [13/10/2018]
Stefan Janoskis favorite skater has stylethere aint no denying that! Hes also a TWS video alumni and notoriously skates spots that most would overlook. Any guesses? Hit play!

Alter Episode 1 Torey Pudwill [6/10/2018]
In Alter we see the world around us through the eyes of our athletes who, via sport, have totally changed the way they see the world. In this first episode, Red Bull tell the story of Torey Pudwills tango with an unassuming bus stop bench and its wondrous double life, all set to the voice of Thrasher Magazines first-ever Skater Of The Year (1979), Steve Olson. You may just see a bus stop, but Torey sees a world of possibility.

Episode: Skateline 02-10-2018 [6/10/2018]
Tony Hawk Shoe, Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Ryan Townley, Tanner VanVark.

The Nine Club Episode 114 Kevin Spanky Long [6/10/2018]
Kevin Spanky Long discusses growing up in Oak Park CA, getting on IG Boardshop, entering CASL contests, getting sponsored by Sixteen Skateboards, riding for City Stars, going on a Baker tour then getting on shortly after, filming for the Emerica video This Is Skateboarding, Etch A Sketch art, partying to hard, getting his Baker board taken away, spending two weeks in quarantine after getting burned by Neckface, sobering up, getting his Baker board back, Baker 4 and much more!

Episode: Nord og Ned Monthly September [6/10/2018]
Simen, Abel, Fred Inge, Hvard and Haakon.

Skaters In Cars Louie Lopez Episode [6/10/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters In Cars, host Chris Nieratko visits with Flip/Converse pro Louie Lopez to revisit the old Big Brother office in Beverly Hills.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 4 [1/10/2018]
Caller, youre live! Vans literally phoned this one in. Their first ever phone-in episode is dedicated to Texas. Gibson, Johnson, Wilkes and Newton... Grosso calls in the classics to discuss one of the best scenes ever.

The Video Show Leo Romero First Love Episode [1/10/2018]
In Episode 3 of The Video Show Transworld have Leo Romero sit down with TWS Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens and re-watch his part from our 17th full-length video, First Love [2005]. Get some backstories from this classic Leo video part and hold tight until the end to revisit the full part without any commentary. Check back next Thursday for a new episode!

Out of Sight: Treasure Island DIY Episode [1/10/2018]
Real Skateboards presents Out of Sight : Treasure Island DIY - a full length 43 minute documentary filmed over 2 years.

Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018 TV Episode Footage [27/9/2018]
Eighteen of the worlds top skaters took part in Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018. Check out the full broadcast from this unique event in Munich, Germany that combines street, bowl and vert elements over a 300m track.

The Nine Club Episode 113 [27/9/2018]
Corey Duffel discusses growing up in Walnut Creek CA, getting on Think Skateboards at 13 years old, almost riding for Baker Skateboards, going to Huntington Beach to stay with Ed Templeton, his Big Brother interview, getting on Foundation Skateboards, some of his worst slams, skating with the Chief, filming for a new video part and much more!

Skaters Favorite Skater Christian Hosoi Episode [27/9/2018]
The legend himself, Christian Hosoi takes a seat on the couch and dishes out why his favorite skater is who he is. From being his mentor to his first sponsor... Hosois favorite skater saw something in him and were damn glad about it.

Skate Nerd: Dane Burman Vs Gabriel Summers Episode [22/9/2018]
An Aussie shoot out with two of our favorites from Down Under. Gabbers was here before, and didnt do so well. Did he get his redemption? Tune in and find out!

Episode: Skateline 18-09-2018 [20/9/2018]
Evan Smith, Nyjah Huston, King Of The Road, Daewon Song, Phil Zwijsen.

Episode: King of the Road Season 3 Webisode 10 [20/9/2018]
Fire rail insanity as the teams reach the end of the line. Zion shines and Cole gets scorched then its off to see the winners! Free worldwide. Congrats Element!

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 3 [20/9/2018]
Building a scene takes time and lots of work. For over 40 years the skaters in Atlanta have worked together to build one of the best scenes anywhere in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew took a trip to ATL to check out the scene.

Skaters Favorite Skater Chris Cole Episode [20/9/2018]
Chris Cole needs no introduction, but hell happily admit that he still fans out a bit when he sees his favorite skater, which is awesome. Its nice to remind ourselves that even the best skaters in the world are just normal people with heroes of their own. Take your guesses then hit play.

The Video Show John Rattray 411vm #37 Episode [20/9/2018]
In Episode 2 of The Video Show, Transworld sit down with one of their favorites, John Rattray and dissect his Rookies part from 411vm #37 [1999]. Join Transworld Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens as he picks Johns brain on everything from his infamous XXXL Wu Wear button up, his noseblunt down Clipper, Blueprint days, and plenty of random stories behind some of the trips and sessions taking place pre-millenium. A mandatory watch for any Rattray fan or anyone who remembers this issue of 411 like the back of their hand! Stick around until the end to revisit this classic part in its entirety.

The Nine Club Episode 112 [18/9/2018]
Jimmy Gorecki discusses growing up in Philadelphia PA, flying to California for the first time to stay with Clyde Singleton, getting on Aesthetics Skateboards, skating at Love Park, staying at Chris Roberts house, having to make the switch over to Zoo York, skating for Ice Cream Footwear, working for Disney, starting his own company JSP, No. One System, Standard Issue and much more!

The Video Show Cairo Foster The Reason Episode [18/9/2018]
Welcome to the first episode of The Video Show with Transworld Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens. In Ep. 1, Jaime sits down with Cairo Foster to watch his classic video part from our ninth full-length video, The Reason [1999] and dissects everything from the song to his clothes, spots, tricks and more. Cairos entire part plays uninterrupted at the end of the segment, but first, get a couple back stories.

Skaters Favorite Skater Steve Caballero Episode [12/9/2018]
Sit down with the legend himself, Steve Caballero and get the scoop on two of his favorite skatersone of his all-time favorites and one of his current favorites. See who they are right here in the latest Skaters Favorite Skater episode.

Episode: Skateline 09-11-2018 [12/9/2018]
Oski Rozenberg, Trent McClung, Yoshi Tanenbaum and Corey Glick Go Pro.

The Nine Club Episode 111 [11/9/2018]
Gershon Mosley discusses growing up in Compton CA, moving to San Jose, starting to skate at 13 years old, getting on Santa Cruz, riding for Human Skateboards, the reason he left Powell, getting on the A-Team then going to Blind, filming for the Transworld video The Reason, Globe Footwear, why he left the skate industry, working on his own project The oBtuseconcept and much more!

Episode: King of the Road Season 3 Webisode 9 [7/9/2018]
Babies, dads and newlyweds in this one. Plus Axel, K Walks and Zion save their biggest moves for last. Free worldwide, just like in 2005! GTWYC!

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