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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Transworld Skateboarding Ceases Print [10/3/2019]
After acquiring 14 titles from TEN: Publishings Adventure Sports Network last month, American Media has announced the closing of Transworld Snowboarding, and the cease of the printed edition of Transworld Skateboarding..

Why the best skatemags died? [14/4/2018]
Love Skate Mag looks at the history of some great past skatemags.

TWS Puts Skateboarder Magazine Online [22/7/2017]
Check out the entire archive of Skateboarder Magazines Vol 1- Vol 6 online.

Playboard Shuts Down Magazine and Website [25/4/2017]
Playboard has announced that they are shutting down both the magazine and the website.

Lizzie Armanto TWS Cover [18/10/2016]
Lizzie Armanto is the first female skateboarder to get the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding.

Jenkem on Paper [19/7/2016]
Jenkem Mag is taking the step from online magazine onto paper, and Jenkem Vol 1 is coming in August.

TWS 10: Dead Print Mags [22/6/2015]
Transworld Skateboarding looks at 10 beloved mags that already stopped the presses.

Playboard Cuts Number Of Issues [27/5/2015]
As Playboard #72 hits the stores, the magazine announces that it will cut down to two larger issues each year, and supplement it with an updated website.

Dank #7 Release Party [6/6/2014]
The new issue of Dank Magazine is being released with a party at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo today.

RIP Skateboarder Magazine [1/9/2013]
Norb Garrett, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher of Grind Media speak about the decision that was made to pull the plug on Skateboarder and gives some insights on what led to this decision as well as a little look into the future.

Michael Sieben with Thrasher [14/5/2013]
Thrasher Magazine has hired Michael Sieben as their new Managing Editor.

Dank 1 Year Anniversary [25/3/2012]
The Norwegian Dank Magazine celebrates one year with their third issue and a party. Here is some infomation.

The Big List of Skateboard Magazines [5/2/2012]
A work in progress, but here is a list of skateboarding magazines from around the world.

Dank Issue 2 Launch Party [15/8/2011]
The second issue of Dank Magazine is on its way to the stores, and this is celebrated with a launch party. Here is some information.

Playboard gets new web editor [7/7/2011]
Playboard Magazine has announced the addition of a dedicated web editor. Here is some information.

New Norwegian Skate Mag [11/4/2011]
Dank Magazine is a new independent Norwegian skateboard magazine. Here is some infomation on the update.

Pause Skate Magazine [19/7/2010]
Pause Skate Magazine is a new French skateboard magazine. So far two issues are online. Here is some information.

Grey Skateboard Magazine [19/7/2010]
Grey Skateboard Magazine out of London, launched their first issue online recently. Here is some information about the new magazine.

Matt Miller Skateboarding Is Forever Part [23/1/2010]
Here is Matt Millers part from DC Shoes Skateboarding Is Forever.

Slap Goes For Digital [18/12/2008]
After 16 years of monthly printed issues the december issue of Slap Magazine became the last printed issue, as they focused their effort on the digital platform.

Fri Flyt Surfefestival 2008 [8/10/2008]
The Fri Flyt surfing festival kicks off at Stadt this thursday. Here is some information about the event.

Transworld SKATEboarding Awards 2008 [25/6/2008]
The 10th Annual Transworld SKATEboarding Awards was held a little while ago. Here is some more information and the winners of this years awards.

New Website [17/5/2008]
The website of the norwegian Plaboard Magazine, got a new design this week. Here are the links and some historic information about the website.

Major UK magazine merger [28/12/2006]
Factory Media, a new holding Company, announces the merger of three leading specialist sports publishers; Action Sports Media (ASM), Permanent Publishing and 4130 Publishing.

Big Brother Subscriber Mixup [13/2/2006]
In 2000 there was a mixup of subscriptions lists, resulting in Big Brother subscribers getting the adult hardcore magazine Taboo.

Radio Therapist Sues Surfshop Over Big Brother [13/2/2006]
Back in 1998 a Costa Mesa surf shop was sued for displaying pornography because of the Big Brother Skateboard Magazine.

The Big List of Playboard Magazines [31/12/2004]
Here is a list of issues from the Norwegian Playboard Magazine. The list will be updated randomly.

New Norwegian Board Bible [3/4/2002]
Fjl is being ressurected as Fjl Bibelen, and the first 100 page issue will be out in May 2002.

Playboard Relaunch [8/12/2003]
The Norwegian magazine Playboard is being relaunched after the bankrupcy, with Bjarne Bergsaker and Session as the new owners.

LFP Drops Big Brother [27/3/2004]
Larry Flynt Publications is dropping the skateboard magazine Big Brother. Here is some information on the update.