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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Diego Todd Jenkem Interview [21/1/2019]
Diego Todd Jenkem Interview

Jake Johnson Behind The Board Interview [20/1/2019]
Jake Johnson walks us through his hometown of State College, PA, where he found his passion in skateboarding at a young age. Today, he and his friends have built their own DIY skate spots in their small town between his world travels as a professional skateboarder. Jake talks about how his interests continuously challenge and inspire his skateboarding. Join Jake and the Dickies Skate team in Pennsylvania as they catch a sunset session at his place.

Ryan Townley Interests Interview [1/1/2019]
Get a look at the collages, art, and ink work of Welcome pro Ryan Townley in his home in Anaheim, California.

Jeff Grosso Black View Interview [21/12/2018]
Jeff Grosso Black View Interview

Grant Yansura Transworld Interview [21/12/2018]
Transworld sat down with Grant Yansura to hear about how WKND got its start. Nowadays its a full-blown brand with art and video projects that employs a close group of friends, a married couple, grade-school friends, and more. Get a tour of the LA office, check out what goes into those brilliant skits, and most importantly, Grants five-year plan.

Michael Sieben Jenkem Interview [21/12/2018]
Jenkem talked to Michael Sieben about the relaunch of Roger Skateboards.

Evan Smith Interests Interview [11/12/2018]
Cruise Long Beach with Evan Smith. Evans brother turned out to be a lawyer while Evan became a skateboarder. Evans interests include playing the guitar, music composition, inspirations from the van, and rock n roll from foreign countries.

Nora Vasconcellos Interests Interview [11/12/2018]
Being the daughter of an artist, it makes sense that the artistic talent runs in Noras blood. Check out some of her earliest work, her current pieces, and a backyard bowl session.

Didrik Galasso Free Interview [28/11/2018]
Didrik Galasso Free Interview

Sam Ogden Juice Interview [28/11/2018]
Sam Ogden Juice Interview

Daewon and Torey Thrasher Interview [28/11/2018]
Daewon and Torey Thrasher Interview

Jerry Gurney Thrasher Interview [28/11/2018]
Jerry Gurney Thrasher Interview

Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview [28/11/2018]
Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview

Steve Brandi Thrasher Interview [28/11/2018]
Steve Brandi Thrasher Interview

Andrew Reynolds Route One Interview [15/11/2018]
Route One sat down with Drew, covering subjects as wide ranging as his new RVCA collection, daughter Stellas addition to the Element team and confirming the existence of Baker 4, The Boss does not hold back!

Karsten Kleppan Thrasher Interview [15/11/2018]
Karsten Kleppan Thrasher Interview.

Enzo Cautela Thrasher Interview [15/11/2018]
Enzo Cautela Thrasher Interview.

Patti McGee Juice Interview [15/11/2018]
Patti McGee Juice Interview

Stacey Peralta Juice Interview [15/11/2018]
Stacey Peralta Juice Interview.

Evan Smith Thrasher Interview [8/11/2018]
Evan Smith Thrasher Interview

Corey Duffel No Comply Interview [8/11/2018]
Corey Duffel No Comply Interview

Jaakko Ojanen Free Interview [8/11/2018]
Jaakko Ojanen Free Interview

Stephen Lawyer Thrasher Interview [4/11/2018]
Thrasher Magazine follow up interview with Stephen Lawyer.

Jeff Grosso Vans Classic Tales Interview [22/10/2018]
Burritos are good. Drugs are bad. If you are doing drugs, please get help. Legend Jeff Grosso looks back on one wild day back in 1997 when he did some drugs and ended up with a burrito in his butt. Look, its a long story. Dont judge. Just watch the damn video.

Heitor da Silva Monster Children Interview [12/10/2018]
Monsterchildren did an interview with Heitor Da Silva.

Nora Vasconcellos VPS Rider Profile Interview [1/10/2018]
Long before turning pro in 2017 Nora Vasconcellos had become an inspiration to an entire generation of girl skaters as well as a leader and mentor to all of the younger women skaters on the VPS Pro Tour. In this Rider Profile we visit the 2017 Vans Park Series World Champions house and tag along on a skate session with her roommate/fellow professional Nicole Hause to learn more about Nora and gain some insight into her unique personality off the board.

Tony Trujillo Vans Classic Tales Interview [27/9/2018]
A Skate Rock trip takes 16 or so wild boys on a trip to the middle of Africa for an inspirational hell ride for the record books.

Lacey Baker Hypebae Interview [27/9/2018]
Lacey Baker on How the 2020 Olympics Could Change Skateboarding.

Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview [20/9/2018]
Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview

Chima Ferguson Vans Interview [18/9/2018]
The dangers of shooting a skate video abroad! Chima tells the tale of Rowan Zorillas amazing trick, a loose board, a shark bite, an angry grandpa and a very expensive hospital visit. Fun!

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