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Also known as: Hamar Skateklubb




2010 - 2017: Yrkesskolen Skatehall


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Hamar Gets New Indoor Skatepark [20/3/2017]
Hamar Kommune expects that skaters can start moving into their new indoor facility around easter.

Koigen Skatepark Upgrades [14/10/2013]
Koigen Skatepark is being upgraded next year. Here is some information.

Hamar Gets Skate Money [8/9/2013]
Hamar Skateboardklubb has come to an agreement with the the county to reduce the rent on the indoor skatepark, and has gotten 100.000 kr from Sparebanken Hedmark for renovations.


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2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Koigen Open Event Flyer

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Yrkesskolen Skatehall Official Opening Flyer.

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Hamar OKs New Indoor Skatepark [9/5/2017]
Hamar Skateboardklubb has been given permission to start using the building that will host the new indoor skatepark.

Hamar Skatepark Gets Bowl [1/9/2015]
Paul Berg AS and Betongpark starts building the new 175 square meter bowl in Hamar this fall, and plans to have it finished by christmas.

Hamar Open 2012 [17/8/2012]
Here are the dates and some information about this years Hamar Open to be held in Hamar in September.

Hamar Open 2010 [4/8/2010]
Format invites to Hamar Open at Koigen Skatepark this weekend. Here is the program and information about the event.

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