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Skate 2 (2009 - )

Skateboard game by Electronci Arts.

Also known as: Skate2 / Skate II / Skate Two



Mike Carroll
弼ake Brown
疋arren Navarrette
謬erry Kennedy
匹hris Cole
弼ohn Cardiel
姫at Duffy
疋anny Way
匹hris Haslam
紐ob Dyrdek
稗raydon Szafranski
筆ark Appleyard
紐yan Smith
筆arc Johnson
姫J Ladd
畢ucas Puig
匹olin McKay
柊lex Chalmers
弼ason Dill
弼ohn Rattray
弼erry Hsu
紐ay Barbee
髭ric Koston
紐yan Gallant
疋ennis Busenitz


  • EA Skate 2 (playstation 3)
  • EA Skate 2 (x-box 360)

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    Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Plaza in Skate2 [10/3/2009]
    Electronic Arts announced last month that gamers will be able to extend their Skate 2 experience with the download of Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory Skate Plaza. Here is a trailer and some more information.

    San Van Classics in Skate2 [26/2/2009]
    EA has released the first downloadable content for Skate2 with the San Van Classics Skate2 DLC. Here is the trailer and some information on the download available now.

    Skate 2 Achievements [29/1/2009]
    Skate 2 features various achievements to be unlocked during the game. Here is a complete listing of all 46 achievements for a total of 1000 points.


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    2009: Tutorials
    How to glitch out of The Community Center..
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    2009: Tutorials
    Body Varial Glitch while grinding Tutorial: This works with pretty much anything. (grinds, manuals, and flatground tricks) 1. This can only be done in career mode! Because it involves editing your skaters stance 2. Do as you normally do find a spot you wanna try the glitch on, set your marker 3. Now you have to do a trick that involves turning your board around so its backwards (pop shov, hardflip, inward heel, varial flip, etc) You can also do this by grinding a ledge first (as long as the first ledge trick involves your board turning around) 4. PRESS START / EDIT SKATER / EDIT STYLE / SWITCH STANCE (say your goofy stance like me, then switch it to regular) If you are goofy and the set stance is regular just keep doing your thing don't worry it will still work. 5. Return to the game. And you will notice he automatically does a body varial during your grind, or manual. With this glitch you can do anything that involves a body varial. 6. 5050's and Boardslides on the other hand work a lot different. So if you are interested in doing these pay attention. Boardslide body varials, and 5050 body varials will only work if you press start right before you are about to get on the rail. It is all about perfect timing! Might take a few tries but you will get the hang of it. If you don't time it your gonna end up doing shovs and body varials off the end of the rail which isn't a bad thing Glitch was found by BKS
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    2009: Trailers and Clips
    Skate 2 - Fantasy Factory Trailer
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    2009: Games: Show Picture
    Skate2 Demo. Skating the streets of San Vanelona.

    2009: Games: Show Picture
    Skate2 Demo. Escaping trough the gate at Slappys Skatepark.

    2009: Games: Show Picture
    Skate2 Demo. Photo session over the box at Slappys Skatepark.

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