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Skateboarder from Norway.

Also known as: Erik Ricks Nordli






2006: Nike SB
xxxx: 鏨 Footwear Norway


2009: 11 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2008: 02 - Bernhard Invitational
2006: 09 - Bernhard Invitational
2005: 31 - NORB NM Street Senior
2005: 07 - Bernhard Invitational
2004: 05 - Bernhard Sports Invitational


2004: NOR

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GvR Norway More Confirmed Riders [28/4/2010]
Eight more riders have been announced for the Norwegian Goofy vs Regular contest. Here is the updated list and some more information.

GvR Norway Confirmed Riders [2/4/2010]
The first twelve riders have been announced for the Norwegian Goofy vs Regular contest at Arena Bekkestua. Here is the update.

Bernhard Sports Invitational 2009 Footage [6/9/2009]
The annual BSI skateboarding contest was held in Oslo, Norway recently. Here is some footage from the event.


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2004: Skateboard Parts
(NOR) Bonus: Daniel リynes & Erik Nordli
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2006: Various
Erik Riks Nordli Malaga 2006: Filmed by Erik Friesl and Anders Sjberg. Originally intended for the Turf-movie.
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2010: Tour Videos
Clich Norway @ Hipsquare - Clich gutta p tur till Karlstad i Sve. Kjrere: Patrick Hall駭, Erik "Riks" Nordli, Dan Stene plus friends.
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2008: Ibsen Kvartalet: Show Picture
Erik Norli at Ibsen Kvartalet during Bernhard Sports Invitational.

Go Fish:

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BSI 2010 Riderslist [7/6/2010]
The riderslist for this years Bernhard Sports Invitational has been announced. Here are the invited riders.

Sandefjord Skate Contest [12/9/2009]
First Norway Disribution and Neptune Boardshop invites you to a skateboard event at Sandefjord Skatepark today. Here is the information.

MowMows Products 2009 [24/4/2009]
The new MowMow products were put out on the Opus website last month. Here is an overview of the new stuff.

NORB NM 2003 Results and Footage [1/3/2008]
Here are the results from the 15th NORB NM, that was held in Horten from 15.08.2003 to 17.08.2003.

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