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Oslo R蘚hus (1931 - )

Oslo City Hall is a municipal building in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: R蘚huset [norwegian] / Oslo City Hall [english] / R蘚husplassen [skatespot]



Oslo R蘚hus is part of the skatespot refered to as "R蘚husplassen", consisting of; R蘚husplassen, Oslo R蘚hus and Kronprinsesse Marthas plass


With plenty of stairs, handrails and curbs available on a smooth surface at the seaside entrance, Oslo R蘚hus is a popular spot for skateboarding.


There has been a lot of skateboard related events and contests at Oslo R蘚hus. Check out some footage and results from events at Oslo R蘚hus.


For years there were conflicts between the skaters and the city hall employees. [3]

An agreement was made in 2004 [1] that allowed the skaters to use the spot as long as they followed the rules given. [2]

In 2006 the conflict rose again, with claims that the skaters were not following the rules, [3][4] but the agreement about skateboarding at Oslo R蘚hus is still in place today. [5]


1995: Dette Er Ditt Liv


Oslo R蘚hus is built of red brick and has two towers, one 63 meters tall and other 66 meters tall.


The building was designed by architects Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson, and constructed between 1931 and 1950.

It houses the city council, the citys administration and various other municipal organisations.


Various events and ceremonies take place in the building.


Guided tours of Oslo R蘚hus are available every day.


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The building is located in the city center, facing Oslofjorden, in the northern part of the Pipervika neighbourhood.


R蘚husplassen 1, 0160 Oslo, Norway.


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