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Buddy Skateshop (2011 - 2012)

Buddy Skateshop was a skateshop in Larvik, Norway. It is no longer in business.

Also known as: Buddy / Larvik Skateshop



Buddy Skateshop was started by Ole Johan Mathisen in 2011, with Andreas Amundsen as the store manager, but after a few months Andreas Amundsen bought the company. [1][2]

In 2012 he store was closed to focus on the webshop. [3]


2011: Hermann Stene
2011: Didrik Galasso
2011: Magnus Eriksen
2011: Pekka Lv蚶
2011: Bjrn Hglund


1] New Skateshop in Larvik Added 26-04-2011
2] Andreas Amundsen Buys Buddy Added 23-10-2011
3] Buddy Closes Shop Added 23-08-2012



Nansetgata 61 A, 3257 Larvik, Norway.


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