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Primitive Skateboarding is an American skateboard Company.

Also known as:

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Commercial: Trent McClung For Primitive Summer 19 [5/5/2019]
Trent McClung for Primitive Skate Summer 19.

Commercial: Primitive Spring 19 Boards [12/3/2019]
Nick Tuckers Spirit Plane model is part of the Primitive Spring 19 drop available now at skate shops worldwide and online at

Team Update: JB Gillet Welcome To Primitive [3/3/2019]
Primitive Skate proudly welcomes JB Gillet.

Primitive Skate: Testing [11/2/2019]
Primitive Skate: Testing

Commercial: Primitive Black Friday [22/11/2018]
Dont visit the Primitive Skate website for their Black Friday Sale, unless you like stealing too.

Primitive Instagram Remastered October 2018 [9/11/2018]
Instagram clips from October 2018.

Team Update: Tiago Lemos Welcome To Primitive [8/11/2018]
Tiago Lemos Welcome To Primitive Skate.

FOS Talks Graphic For Franky Villani [15/10/2018]
FOS discusses the process of creating Franky Villanis first pro graphic.

Team Update: Franky Villani AOMM Full Part [6/10/2018]
Franky Villanis Always On My Mind part. P.S: Franky is now pro.

Team Update: Tre Williams Primitive Full Part [20/9/2018]
Tre Williams welcome to Primitive Skate video part.

Primitive Skate Instagram Remastered July 2018 [1/8/2018]
Lets face it, sometimes you just want to see the clip in full quality, we get it. Heres is the Primitive Skate July 2018 Instagram clips Remastered, enjoy!

Commercial: Rick and Morty x Primitive [21/7/2018]
Rick and Morty x Primitive Skate Collection.

Tour Footage: Massif Primitive Skate in London [12/7/2018]
The Primitive Skate guys spent less than a week in the UK and came back Massif.

Commercial: Rick and Morty x Primitive Skate [16/6/2018]
Rick and Morty x Primitive Skate official collaboration collection drops July 1st.

Shane O Neill Leaves Primitive To Form Company [11/6/2018]
Shane O neill will be starting a new board company with friends/skaters you all know of later this year, and announced his departure from Primitive with a final clip.

Team Update: Robert Neal Welcome to Primitive [24/2/2018]
When the people are demanding it, usually thats when its time to make it official so here it is, Robert Neal: welcome to the team. Officially.

Commercial: P-Rod Primitive x Paul Jackson Series [10/1/2018]
Paul Rodriguez for the Primitive x Paul Jackson Artist Series.

Franky Villani on Primitive [10/11/2017]
Primitive Skate has welcomed Frany Villani to the team.

Primitive Throwed Texas Tour 2017 Footage [24/10/2017]
Join the Primitive Skate team as they tour the great state of Texas.

Primitive Pro Trent McClung [3/10/2017]
Trent McClung enters the pro ranks with his full video part. Enjoy!

Primitive Pendelton Zoo Video [10/7/2017]
The Pendleton Zoo promo video from Primitive Skate.

Primitive Vision Test East Coast 2017 Tour Footage [19/5/2017]
Primitive Skateboarding hit the streets of DC and NY for the East Coast version of Vision Test Promo.

Primitive Skate in DC 2017 Tour Footage [8/5/2017]
DC fun with Trent McClung, Wacson Mass, Roman Lisivka and Marek Zapranzy.

Roman Lisivka Primitive Skate Part [16/4/2017]
Primitive International Ambassador Roman Lisivka drops a new part.

Primitive Opal Promo Unmastered [9/4/2017]
Primitive Skate presents the unmastered Opal Promo.

Primitive Opal Promo Video + New Pro [8/2/2017]
Opal is the latest from Primitive Skateboarding, and also announces Diego Najera as the latest Primitive pro skater.

Primitive Skateboarding 2016 Year in Review [10/1/2017]
2016 had its highs and lows. Here are a few of the highs from Primitive Skateboarding.

Primitive Skate x Familia Demo 2016 Footage [27/9/2016]
Shane O Neill, Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker, Diego Najera, Devine Calloway, Carlos Ribeiro and Wacson Mass at the Familia Skateshop HQ in Minnesota for a recent signing and demo.

Primitive in Canada 2016 Tour Footage [17/8/2016]
Its here, the video youve all been waiting for. Primitive Skateboards and The Berrics bring you the Primitive 2016 Canada Tour Video.

Primitive Pro Brian Peacock [4/5/2016]
Primitive Skateboarding has announced the appointment of Newark, Delawares master of casual crushing, Brian Peacock to the professional ranks! Check out Brians next level board control in his pro part playing now.

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