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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Haugenstua Street Contest 2019 Footage [14/10/2019]
Here is a video from the contest at Haugenstua 5.10.2019.

Fredrikstad Best Trick Contest Footage [14/10/2019]
A lot was landed at the best trick contest in Fredrikstad.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 15 [11/10/2019]
Here is this weeks Friday Flick from Shit.

Betongpark Tests Vgen Skatepark [10/10/2019]
Betongpark designers @covsid and @d_alden got to skate the new park in Kristiansund.

Construction Started On New Klbu Skatepark [8/10/2019]
Betongpark has started building a new skatepark in Klbu.

Os KnwLEDGE Challenge [8/10/2019]
Os team riders Rafael and Lucas will be present at the Os KnwLEDGE Challenge at the indoor skatepark in Oslo on Saturday 12. October, 2019.

Full Part: Dag Martin Nilsen Pump It [4/10/2019]
Dag Martin Nilsens Pump it part.

Betongpark Builds Skatepark In Bod [4/10/2019]
Here is a short clip from the dudes building a concrete park above the arctic circle.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 14 [4/10/2019]
Its the weekend, so here is a new Shit Friday Flicks episode.

Haugenstua Street Contest 2019 [4/10/2019]
Haugenstua Street Contest is being held at Haugenstua Skatepark 05.10.2019.

Full Part: Marcus Shaw Free Part [3/10/2019]
To coincide with his interview in Free Skatemag issue 26, heres a full part from their favourite half-Scottish/half-Norwegian Rob Welsh: Marcus Shaw.

From CPH to OSLO with CHPO Video [27/9/2019]
Beatrice Domond, David Jakinda and Sarah Meurle skate copenhagen, and then take the ferry to Oslo in this video from Pocket Skateboard Magazine.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 13 [27/9/2019]
Another friday flick from Shit.

Lten Skatepark Got Done In Record Time [26/9/2019]
Less than two months after the building permit was approved, the new skatepark in Lten is ready.

Stange Open 2019 [25/9/2019]
This years Stange Open is being held 5. October, 2019.

Bank Completed At Haugenstua Skatepark [20/9/2019]
The new bank has been completed in the outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 12 [20/9/2019]
Here is this weeks Shit Friday Flicks episode.

Sour Files Episode 12 Raw Clips From Barcelona [19/9/2019]
Oscar Candon can do on the banks, Barney of course doing tricks that are really impossible, Albert Nyberg brings his tech wonder, and Josef finds some of Barcys bombable hills.

X Games 2019 Norway Best of Skate + Moto X Footage [19/9/2019]
Watch the best of Mens and Womens Skateboard Street, plus Moto X Best Trick, Best Whip and Quarterpipe High Air from X Games Norway 2019.

Lten Skatepark Opening [19/9/2019]
Several Norwegian skateboard champions have been announced for the opening of the new skatepark in Lten on Saturday 28. September, 2019.

Kitsch Norwegian Premier [19/9/2019]
Kitsch, the first full length from Passport is premiering in Oslo on Friday 20. September, 2019.

Gol Skatepark Opening [19/9/2019]
The new skatepark in Gol is being officially opened on 20. September, 2019.

Molde Indoor Bowl Closes In October [18/9/2019]
Skateboarding Molde has managed to postpone it for two years, but in October the indoor skatepark in Molde is closing.

Popular Activity Park In Kongsvinger [18/9/2019]
Strandpromenaden aktivitetspark by KUSK in Kongsvinger has already become a popular gathering place for children and young people of all ages.

New Skatepark In Oslo [16/9/2019]
Betongpark has completed a new skatepark at Trettenparken in Oslo.

Sandnes Gets New Skatepark Next Year [15/9/2019]
Betongpark will be building the countrys first red concrete skatepark at Ruten in Sandnes next year.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 11 [15/9/2019]
Here is the latest Shit Flicks episode.

Full Part: Kevin Bkkel Higher Power [12/9/2019]
A savage Norwegian metal soundtrack is the perfect pairing for an absolute lunatic on urethane. Baekkel is out for blood. Get the hell out of his way.

Sour Files Season 2 Episode 11 [12/9/2019]
Vincent takes a revert into heavy traffic, EJP flexes his fancy footwork on a rock climbers bank, Barneys blazing all terrains, and Filip Almqvist makes his debut with a hell of a switch back tail!

Jonas Carlsson Wins Dream Final [12/9/2019]
Jonas Carlsson went all the way to the top in the LOS Foundations dream final. The prize of NOK 150,000 can make it easier for the Kristiansand boy to achieve the dream of becoming a professional skater.

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