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Pro Freestyle 2017 Results and Footage [21/6/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Pro Freestyle contest.

Hague Pro Freestyle Beach 2017 Ride 1st Footage [12/6/2017]
The Brazilian Vinicius Santos with one of the best styles in the contest skated the entire park and killed the whole weekend taking a couple thousands euros back to Brazil. check it out!

Pro Freestyle 2017 Pro / Am Highlights Footage [12/6/2017]
The last day of the Pro Freestyle couldnt have been any better. The weather was great right by the beach and had an awesome overall vibe starting with the Ams to warm up, then the Pros. The skaters killed it the entire weekend but it was Vinicius Santos, from Brazil, who took first place in the contest.

Pro Freestyle 2017 Best Trick / Girls Footage [12/6/2017]
The second day of the Pro Freestyle just went down giving away some cash for the best tricks and the girls finals. Check it out now on RIDE!

Pro Freestyle 2017 Flatspot Footage [12/6/2017]
The Pro Freestyle in The Hague is over. Once again the Brazilians did it, just as last week in Paris. This time Vinicius Santos took the win and a big bag of money home.

Pro Freestyle 2017 Course Preview [12/6/2017]
Skateboarding course preview with Scott Decenzo!

Pro Freestyle 2017 Teaser [8/5/2017]
Official teaser for the World Cup Skateboarding Pro Freestyle event at The Hague Beach, 2-3 June, 2017.

Pro Freestyle 2017 [16/4/2017]
Pro Freestyle is being held at The Hague Beach Stadium in Den Haag, Holland, June 2-3, 2017.