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Far n High is an annual European skateboard contest.

Also known as:

Far n High 2019 Results
Here are the results from this years Far n High.



1st Rayssa Leal
2nd Keet Oldenbeuving
3rd Isabelly vila
4th Virginia Fortes guas
5th Aura Bredart
6th Gabi Mazetto
7th Marina Gabriela
8th Karen Feitosa
9th Sarah DeLaet
10th Camille Fleurance
11th Fleur Vos
12th Dominika Kralikova
13th Evelien Bouilliart
14th Sanne Van Linder
15th Auriane Daries


1st Aurelien Giraud
2nd Vincent Milou
3rd Angelo Caro
4th Lucas Rabelo
5th Adrien Bulard
6th Max Berguin
7th Tiago Lopes
8th Matias Dell Olio
9th Joseph Garbaccio
10th Richard Tury
11th Noah Francisco
12th Aaron Jago
13th Yoshi Tanenbaum
14th Antoine Laurent
15th Rogerio Lopes Febem
16th Luan Oliveira
17th Julian Christianson
18th Roger Silva
19th Alex Decunha
20th Luiz Neto
21st Benjamin Garcia
22nd John Dilorenzo
23rd Jared Cleland
24th Bart Buikman
25th Brandon Valjalo
26th Bradley Saunders
27th Lawrence Ravail
28th Bohdan Porada
29th Kristoffer Kroon
30th Diego Fiorese
31st Ramon Muniz
32nd Santino Exenberger
33rd Helaman Campos
34th Piero Nunez
35th Woody Hoogendijk
36th Amiel Konicki
37th Maxim Kruglov
38th Sven Kilchenmann
39th Remco Erkeland
40th George Poole
41st Lehi Leite
42nd Marcel Rieger
43rd Carlos Eduardo Cadu
44th Paul Gallelli
45th Pierre Delacrose
46th Guido Stazi
47th Lars De Weerd
48th Damien Philippe
49th Paulo Galera
50th Carl Bourguignon
51st Tharik Sousa
52nd Fin Broder
53rd Pedro Cunha
54th Jean-Marc Johannes
55th Valentin Brinster
56th Christian Estrada
57th Luca Hendriks
58th Charlie Verboven
59th Manos Kiriakousis
60th Pharell Preau
61st Garcia Rodrigues
62nd Arturs Nesaule
63rd Elliot Jago
64th Nick Punter
65th Alan Sanchez

Uitslag Best Trick:

1. Aurelien Giraud - What not?
2. Angelo Caro - 360 flip noseblunt down the rail
3. Paul Gallelli - bs smith body varial out

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This years Far n High contest was even crazier than last year. From all over the world riders came to France to compete in this now legendary contest. With top riders such as Lucas Rabelo, Angelo Caro, Vincent Milou and one man powerhouse Aurelien Giraud you almost couldnt keep track of al the bangers that went down.

Far n High 2019 Qualifiers+ Best Trick Footage [23/5/2019]
Second day qualifiers and the killer Best Trick at the end of the day. The Best Trick almost turned into a Aurelien Giraud demo with all the bangers he was throwing down the set. Just sit back and whatch some heavy skateboarding that went down in Paris, France.


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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Far n High Poster

2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Far n High Poster

2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Far n High Poster

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2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]

2019: Event Flyers [23/5/2019]