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Tokyo is a city in Japan.

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You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night
You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night from Pocket Skateboard Magazine.


Video by Dominik Schneider. Featuring: Maxi Schaible, Jan Hoffmann, Alex Ullmann.

In Tokyo you can only skate at night! - thats pretty much the voice we heard from everybody that ever went, as we were planning our trip. I cant see shit in the darkness!, was Maxis reaction to that, and the more we talked about it, the more we got stoked to challenge everybodys proposition.
As days were short, we got up early (mostly a little forced, we stayed in a house with small kids - shout-out & love to Jo), and our daily routine was the same every day: Breakfast at 7-Eleven, at least an hour on the train to the spot, skate all day, Ramen for dinner at worlds best restaurant in Shibuya, 1 hour train ride back home, beers at 7-Eleven. As the circle closes, you can already guess how important the convenient stores in our daily routine were, as there were many many 7-Eleven pit-stops during the day which I didnt even mention. On one rainy day we visited 20 different 7-11 stores in Tokyo. That store just has it all. - Dennis Scholz

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You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night [17/2/2019]
You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night from Pocket Skateboard Magazine.

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With skateboarding going Olympic in Tokyo 2020, see how the Japanese star Yuto Horigome finds his Flow Mode in the next host city.

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Masaaki Hiromura has designed the new Olympic icons, based on the designs from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, where pictograms first made their debut.

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