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The World Skate World Championships is a skateboard contest arranged by World Skate.

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World Skate World Championships 2018 Brazil
The 2018 World Skate SLS World Championships of Street Skateboarding to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, January 8-13, 2019.

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SLS WC 2019 Global Open Qualifiers Womens Footage [11/1/2019]
80 men from around the world battled it out in the Global Open Qualifiers. Congrats to the top 20 that advanced to the World Championship Quarter-Finals to meet some of the lower placing SLS Pros from the 2018 season. The top 14 advance to the Semi-Finals where they will meet more SLS Pros from the 2018 season.

SLS WC 2018 Global Open Qualifiers Mens Footage [11/1/2019]
40 women from around the world battled it out in the Global Open Qualifiers Womens Division. Congrats to the top 11 that advanced to join 14 SLS Pro Women in the Semi-Finals.

SLS WC 2019 Brazil Global Open Qualifier Results [10/1/2019]
Results from the Street League Skateboarding Brazil Global Open Qualifier.


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