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Jeff Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding is a web series from Vans.

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Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Julien Stranger
AntiHero Skateboards Julien Stranger is an enigma wrapped in a riddlehe also rips. Grosso takes 60 seconds to remind everyone how rad Julien is.


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Loveletters Season 10: France Episode [10/8/2019]
The Loveletters crew took a trip from Paris to Lyon to Marseille, meeting up with skaters from every generation of French skaters along the way. They interviewed as many as they could and made this episode from their stories. This episode is NOT a history of Frances skate scene! This is a Loveletter to some of the many great French skaters who have killed it over the years. Watch this and then put your phone down and book a flight to France immediately.

Loveletters Season 10: Og De Souza Love Note [22/6/2019]
Og De Souza is a big part of Brazilian skate history . His story IS skateboarding to its core... then, now and everywhere.

Loveletters Season 10: Brazil Episode [18/6/2019]
Brazil has one of the best, oldest and coolest skate scenes in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew headed down to see how much of epic skate history they could uncover in 8 days. This is the longest episode ever and we barely scratched the surface of Brazilian skateboarding!


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2016: Love Notes
Jeff Grossos Love Notes Episode 6
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2016: Jeff Grossos Love Letters To Skateboarding
Skate Rock | Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS
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2016: Love Notes
Love Notes: Ep 5 Extra Rantings, Edgers and ATVs | Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS
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How to skateboard and not kill yourself [4/8/2015]
Every so often someone get injured or die while riding their skateboard. Here are some tips on how to skateboard and not kill yourself.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding s02e05 [6/10/2012]
Eddie Elguera started going backwards in the 70s and then Salman Agah took it to switch in the 90s. In this episode Grosso sits down with both to connect the dots from the 70s to the 90s and beyond.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding S02E08 [14/9/2012]
In the season finale of Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding, Jeff breaks down curb skating with eight street heavy weights... Its a building block for all skaters.

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