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Team Update: Franky Villani AOMM Full Part
Franky Villanis Always On My Mind part. P.S: Franky is now pro.


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Team Update: Franky Villani AOMM Full Part [6/10/2018]
Franky Villanis Always On My Mind part. P.S: Franky is now pro.

Franky Villani on Primitive [10/11/2017]
Primitive Skate has welcomed Frany Villani to the team.

Franky Villani Thunder Part [18/10/2017]
New Franky Villani Video Part for Thunder Trucks


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Video Part: Jake Hayes and Franky Villani in Duets [3/3/2019]
The ender. Franky and Jake put it down.

Primitive Skate: Testing [11/2/2019]
Primitive Skate: Testing

Team Update: Franky Villanis Dickies Full Part [11/2/2019]
Franky flexes his eclectic bag of tricks with a jaw-dropping video part. Solid pickup, Dickies!

Followed: Franky Villiani Episode [15/11/2018]
Pocket Skateboard Magazine followed Franky along to skate Cherry Park, get some Acai, swing by at the NB# headquarter and to talk about all kinds of stuff.

Primitive Instagram Remastered October 2018 [9/11/2018]
Instagram clips from October 2018.

FOS Talks Graphic For Franky Villani [15/10/2018]
FOS discusses the process of creating Franky Villanis first pro graphic.

Skaters Favorite Skater Franky Villani Episode [14/8/2018]
Frankys two choices are like peanut butter and jelly, a pair that we can all agree on. From their shared parts to individual parts over the years, were sort of surprised these two havent been mentioned yet. (Watch until the end for some Franky footy.)

Primitive Skate Instagram Remastered July 2018 [1/8/2018]
Lets face it, sometimes you just want to see the clip in full quality, we get it. Heres is the Primitive Skate July 2018 Instagram clips Remastered, enjoy!

Tour Footage: The Gathering of the Govs [25/7/2018]
A tale of eleven Governors. The New Balance Numeric team travels through New Zealand in search of the perfect bump to bar.

Full Video: Never [12/6/2018]
Primitive Skateboarding is proud to present Never.

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