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Small Change is a skatevideo by Blake Housenga.

Also known as:

Full Part: Chris Colbourn in Small Change
Chris Colbourns part from the Small Change Video, filmed and edited by Blake Housenga.


Featuring shredding from Tom Rohrer, Jamiel Nowparvar, Ronne Dortch, Mark Villero, Adam Simoni, Steve Mull, Tony Karr, Jordan Rommel, Chris Colbourn, Sean Saltachia, Cody Jacobson, Kyle Stone and more homies.

Cop the full length:

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Full Part: Tony Karr in Small Change [29/11/2017]
Tony always comes through with his wildly imaginative video parts. This one from Small Change is no different.

Full Part: Small Change Friends Section [24/11/2017]
Here is the friends section from the Small Change video.

Full Part: Tom Rohrer in Small Change [23/11/2017]
Tom Rohres part from Blake Housengas new full-length Small Change.


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Jordal Skatepark Reopening Footage [5/8/2010]
The newly renovated skatepark at Jordal was officially opened recently. Here is some infomation and footage from the event.

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