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Elliot Sloan is an American skateboarder.

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Elliot Sloan Rolling Stone Interview
Rolling Stone Magazine has a feature on Elliot Sloan and his jaw dropping indy 900 at X Games Minneapolis.

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Rolling Stone - Watch Pro Skater Elliot Sloan Win X Games Gold With Jaw-Dropping Indy 900

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Whats Elliot Sloans Setup? [9/7/2018]
Prior to X Games Minneapolis 2018, Skateboard Vert and Big Air invite Elliot Sloan runs through his vert and big air setups.

Highland Showdown 2017 Ride Footage [2/11/2017]
Elliot Sloan hosts the 2nd annual Highland Showdown on the Rockstar Energy vert ramp and Mini Mega in his luxurious backyard.

Elliot Sloan Fox Interview [1/11/2017]
The X Games gold medalist talks with Mike Pomeranz about his early life on the east coast.


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2016: Interviews
A Day in the Life of Pro Skateboarder Elliot Sloan: Skateboarding and Drones
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2016: Interviews
Elliot Sloan House Tour
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2016: Skateboard Parts
Elliot Sloans Metal and Mayhem Part from Thrasher Magazine
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2015: Gumball 3000: Show Picture
Elliot Sloan and Rune Glifberg. Gumball 3000 Vert Ramp at Bryggetorget in Oslo, Norway.

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Watch the replay of ESPNs full broadcast of the Skateboard Big Air Final at X Games Shanghai 2019.

X Games 2019 Big Air Preview Footage [3/6/2019]
Skateboard Big Air drops into X Games Shanghai 2019. Watch as Elliot and Mitchie describe the feeling of skating such a huge ramp.

X Games 2019 China Results and Footage [3/6/2019]
Results and footage from X Games in Shanghai, China.

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X Games 2018 Sydney Results and Footage

X Games 2018 Minneapolis Results and Footage [23/7/2018]
X Games 2018 Minneapolis Results and Footage

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X Games 2018 Minneapolist Riderslist.

Jackalope 2017 ESF Vert Demo Footage [29/8/2017]
Tony Hawk and PLG were the guests of honor for the 6th edition of Jackalope Fest organized by Tribu Experientiel at Montreals Olympic park.

X Games 2017 Minneapolis Results and Footage [18/7/2017]
Here are results and footage from skateboard contests at X Games Minneapolis.

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