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The shop was a boardshop in in Larvik, Norway. It is now closed.

Also known as:

The Shop Has Closed
The popular skateshop in Larvik reacently had to declared bankruptcy. Here is some information on the updatate.


The store that sold equipment for skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing had to close its doors last week, after sales dropped dramaticly the last months. The owners tried to get fresh capital into the company, but have not succeeded in doing so, and are now hoping someone will buy and reopen the store.


The Shop was first established in 2003, but got new owners, and moved to a new location in 2006.

  • A Brief History of The Shop

    In 2009 the store moved again.

  • The Shop Has Moved

    The Shop has sponsored of a lot of events, and had a part in reviving the local skateboard organisation, and getting the new skatepark.

  • Larvik Skatepark Opening Date

    They also sponsored a team of skateboarders and snowboarders, and put out a movie featuring the skaters in 2009.

  • Walking on Sunshine

    Check out the teaser below.

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    Read the original announcement below.

  • Brnnysundsregisteret - The Shop (larvik)

    stlandposten wrote an article about the closing.

  • stlandsposten - The Shop konkurs

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