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Monsoon is a Norwegian skateboard movie from Bernhard Sports.

Also known as: The Bernhard Video

The Monsoon Tour 2010
Bernhard Sports is taking their new skateboard movie on tour around the county. Check out the schedule and information here.


11. May 17:00 - Drammen/Bajas [Movie/Independent railjam]
12. May 21:00 - Trondheim/Cirkus [Movie/Session party]
12. May 21:00 - Stavanger/Checkpoint [Movie/Session party]
12. May 18:00 - Bergen/Fysakhallen [Movie/Best trick/Demo]
13. May 14:00 - Stavanger/Skatehall [Movie/Best trick/Demo]
13. May 14:00 - Trondheim/Trikkestallen [Movie/Best trick/Demo]
14. May 17:00 - Hamar/Boards & More Monsoon [Movie/Independent best trick]
19. May 15:00 - Bod/50-50 [Movie/Best trick at the park]
20. May 17:00 - Troms/50-50/Flyahallen [Movie/Best trick at the park/Demo]
26. May 17:00 - Lrenskog/Swag [Movie/Independent Rail jam]
26. May 17:00 - Ski/Swag [Movie/Independent Rail jam]
27. May 17:00 - Oslo/Swag Bogstadveien [Movie/Independent Rail jam]
27. May 17:00 - Sandvika/Swag [Movie/Independent Rail jam]
28. May 17:00 - Larvik/The Shop [Movie/Independent Rail jam]
29. May 18:00 - Kristiansand/Robins Hood [Movie]
29. May 14:00 - Sandefjord/Neptun [Movie/Best trick at the bowl]


Monsoon is the latest skateboard movie from Bernhard Sports made by Erik Johnsen. Check out trailers and more information from the link below.

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