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The Element Make It Count Contest Series is a series of international amature skateboard contests.

Also known as: Element Make It Count Contest Series

Element Make It Count Europe 2010
The European Element Make It Count contest series started in Germany this month. Here is some infromation about the series.


Overall European champion will be sent to the United States of America to compete in the finals, and get a chance at the Element sponsorship.

Registration at noon. Contest starts at one. Entry fee is one canned food item for donation.


Below is a list of the events in the series.

06/03: Leipzig, Germany Heizhaus Skatehalle
13/03: Tenerife, Spain, Punta Del Hidalgo
13/03: Vienna, Austria, Skatearea
20/03: Reykjavik, Iceland, Reykjavik Skatepark
27/03: Girona, Spain, Girona Skatepark
27/03: Antwearpen, Belgium, Fitopia
27/03: Faro, Portugal, Faro Skatepark
27/03: Moscow, Russia
09/04: Mount Hawke, UK, Mount Hawke Skatepark
10/04: Fredrikstad, Norway, Fredrikstad Skatepark
17/04: Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Skatepark
17/04: Copenhagen, Denmark, Danemark Bong Spottet Skatepark
24/04: Sofia, Bulgaria, Sportrax
24/04: Szaszhalombatta, Hungary, Szaszhalombatta Skatepark
24/04: Warsaw, Poland, Kamuflage Skatepark
08/05: Eindhoven, Nederlands, Area 51
09/05: Villiers-Sur-Orge, France, Villiers-Sur-Orge Skatepark
22/05: Helsinki, Finland, Micropolis Skatepark
29/05: Wevelgem, Belgium, Zumiez Skatepark [European Final Invite Only]

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    Element Make It Count 2017 Global Finals Footage [18/10/2017]
    The public watched and scored each part, and although everyone ripped, in the end it was Marcio Roberto who tallied the highest score!

    Element Make It Count 2017: Brandon Valjalo [8/10/2017]
    The Element Make It Count Global finalist for South Africa 2017: Brandon Valjalo!

    Element Make It Count 2017: Marcio Roberto [8/10/2017]
    The Element Make It Count Global finalist for Brazil 2017: Marcio Roberto!


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    2014: Make It Count
    After holding it down in their respective regions, the Element Make It Count global finalists finally made their way out to LA to battle it out at The Berrics.
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    2014: Make It Count
    Its been a long 5 months, with regional finals all over the world, but were finally here: Element flew 20 Make It Count Global Finalists out to California to compete at The Berrics in the Finals. But first... a skate retreat at Element Skate Camp in the Sequoia National Park.
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    2014: Make It Count
    2014 Make it Count International Contest Series European Finals
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    2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Make It Count Poster.

    2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Make It Count 2016 Poster

    2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Element Make It Count Contest Series Fredrikstad Norway Event Flyer.

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