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Spotchecks [Show more]

Spotcheck: Holla Skatepark 2014 [11/20/2014]
Here are some pictures from the renovated skatepark in Ulefoss, Norway.

Spotcheck: Åsgårdstrand Skatepark 2014 [10/29/2014]
We received a couple pictures of the new skatepark in Åsgårdstrand. Here is the update.

Spotcheck: Kirkenes Skole Skatepark 2013 [10/27/2014]
Here are some pictures from the new skatepark in Kirekenes.

Spotcheck: Gol Skatepark 2014 [10/20/2014]
Here is an update from the skatepark in Gol, Norway.

Spotcheck: Fredrikstad Indoor Skatepark 2014 [10/3/2014]
Here is a photo of the new indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Spotcheck: Skiptvet Skatepark May 2013 [10/1/2014]
Here is an update from the new park that was built in Skiptvet last year.

Spotcheck: Blindern Ledge September 2014 [9/24/2014]
Here is an update from the large ledge at Blinder in Oslo.

Spotcheck: NRK Marienlyst September 2014 [9/24/2014]
Here is a picture from the NRK ledge in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Elvebakken Aktivitetspark August 2014 [9/22/2014]
Here is a picture of the re-arranged skatepark at Elvebakken Aktivitetspark in Tromsø.

Spotcheck: Tromstun Skole & Skatepark August 2014 [9/22/2014]
The new Tromstun Skole in Tromsø also has a new skatepark in the schoolyard, and a 7 step stair in the back. Here is an update.

Spotcheck: Gystadmarka Skole Pyramids 2014 [9/21/2014]
Outside Gystad Skole are some small concrete pyramids.

Spotcheck: Mortensnes Skatepark August 2014 [9/13/2014]
Here is an update from the skatepark at Mortensnes in Tromsø.

Spotcheck: Hålogaland Teater Tromsø August 2014 [9/2/2014]
Outside Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø are some ledges and stuff.

Spotcheck: Jekta Storsenter Tromsø August 2014 [9/2/2014]
Here are some picture from outside Jekta Storsenter in Tromsø, Norway.

Spotcheck: Seljord Skatepark 2014 [8/25/2014]
Here is an update from the skatepark in Seljord.

Skatepark News [Show more]

Sunndalsøra Skatepark [3/26/2015]
The new skatepark in Sunndalsøra is set to open 1. May 2015.

Skatepark Obstacles Arrive In Sunndal [3/25/2015]
The obstacles for the new skatepark in Sunndal have been delivered, and the park is set to open 1. May 2015.

Sarpsborg Gets New Skatepark In September [3/24/2015]
The new skatepark in Sarpsborg will be ready 1. September 2015.

Tønsberg Skatepark Gets Toilets [3/24/2015]
Two toilets are being built at Gunnarbøparken in 2015.

Suggests Indoor Skatepark At Filipstad [3/23/2015]
A skatepark is one of the suggested activities in the planned activity house at Filipstad in Oslo.

Stjørdal Skatepark Update [3/23/2015]
Stjørdal has announced a tender to build the new skatepark.

Kolbotn Skatepark Name Contest [3/23/2015]
A contest is being held to find a name for the new skatepark in Kolbotn.

Rud Skatepark Gets New Bowl Platform [3/20/2015]
Verktøy i Lufta is renovating the platform around the bowl at Rud Rampeland.

Jessheim Skatepark Is Ready [3/20/2015]
The new skatepark in Jessheim has been completed.

Wants skatepark in Sandnes [3/20/2015]
Work is ongoing to get a skatepark by Bogafjellhallen in Sandnes, but the financing is not in place.

Jeff Ament Opens Another Montana Skatepark [3/18/2015]
Pearl Jams Jeff Ament to help fund Montana Skateboard Park.

Trains Could Ruin Koigen Skatepark [3/18/2015]
With a busy two track railroad beside it, the skatepark in Hamar could become a less attractive place to hang out.

Popular skatepark in Verdalsøra [3/18/2015]
Before it has been officially opened, the new skatepark at Verdalsøra has become so popular that users have to wait in line.

Cant wait for Levanger Skatepark to open [3/15/2015]
The area around the new skatepark in Levanger will be ready in June, but the skaters cant wait and are already using the park after the workers go home.

Drammen Could Get New Skatepark [3/10/2015]
Drammen could get a new skatepark when Parkscenen is being torn down.

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Skatespot News & Updates

3/25/2015: Playboard Visits Kolbotn

3/20/2015: Blow n Up Lakeland Skatepark

3/20/2015: Jørgen Gundersen Fredrikstad Indoor.

3/20/2015: Trevor Colden at Diamond Plaza.

3/19/2015: Top 10 Garden State Skateparks.

3/19/2015: Thomas Thorkildsen Skate Vision.

2/27/2015: Smud Sessions at SVG Skatehall #2.

2/20/2015: Didrik Galasso at Bekkestua.

2/10/2015: Outoor Skatepark In Trondheim!

2/9/2015: Smud Sessions at SVG Skatehall.

Skatespot News & Updates

2/4/2015: Norwegian Winter Vert.

2/1/2015: Skate in Church.

1/29/2015: Daniel Pedersen Vision Footy.

1/19/2015: Fløyahallen 2015 Clips.

1/17/2015: Adem Kollen Skates Fysak.

1/17/2015: Exited about Levanger Skatpark.

1/15/2015: Saga Skatepark New Years Session.

1/13/2015: Monument at Stavanger Skatehall.

1/10/2015: Playboard Visits Larvik.

1/8/2015: Oskar Hjellegjerde at Trikkestallen.

Skatespot News & Updates

1/5/2015: Johannes Sundby at Trikkestallen.

12/18/2014: Michael Sommer Bekkis Part.

11/30/2014: RTSQD at Hausmania.

11/25/2014: Oslo Skatestop City.

11/25/2014: Sogndal Skatepark Pic.

11/20/2014: Mats Tambini at Hovden Skatepark.

10/27/2014: Playboard Visits Bekkis.

10/13/2014: Skateboarder Visits Fredrikstad.

9/29/2014: Tarjei Thomassen at Fysak.

9/29/2014: Fredrik Winsents at Fysak.

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Skatespot News & Updates

9/29/2014: Gard jonsson at Fysak.

9/26/2014: DIY Skatepark Photos.

9/25/2014: Justin Bieber Venice Skatepark.

9/23/2014: 50-50 Visits Lyngseidet Skatepark.

9/7/2014: Mentzoni Flipside Week #1.

9/7/2014: Tacky Visits Lørenskog.

9/3/2014: Wants skatepark in Orland.

8/25/2014: Pura Pura Skatepark Bolivia.

8/1/2014: Playboard Visits Asker.

7/27/2014: Adressa Visits Grong Skatepark.