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Spotchecks [Show more]

Spotcheck: Storo Kjøpesenter Skatepark April 2015 [4/20/2015]
A small Rhino skatepark is now ready at Storo Shopping Mall.

Spotcheck: Mølleparken Skatepark April 2014 [4/13/2015]
Here is an update from the new Mølleparken Skatepark in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Nordtvedt Skole April 2015 [4/13/2015]
Here is an update from the schoolyard at Nordtvedt Skole in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Hafjell Skatepark November 2014 [1/4/2015]
Here are some pictures from the skatepark in Øyer.

Spotcheck: Olaf Bulls Vei Skatepark November 2014 [1/4/2015]
Here is an update from the skatepark at Olaf Bulls Vei in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Frognerkilen Skatepark October 2014 [1/4/2015]
Here are some pictures from the skatepark at Frognerkilen in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Steffenjordet Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
Here is an update from the new skatepark in Fredrikstad.

Spotcheck: Fosnavåg Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
Here is an update from Fosnavåg Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Skillebekk Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
Here is an update from the skatepark in Mo i Rana.

Spotcheck: Volda Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
Here are some pictures from the skatepark in Volda.

Spotcheck: Haumyrheia Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
Here is an update from Haumyrheia Skatepark in Kristiansand.

Spotcheck: Fiskå Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
We got another picture from Fiskå Skatepark in Kristiansand.

Spotcheck: Spring Park Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
We received some pictures from the new Grindline skatepark in Houston, Texas.

Spotcheck: Kjempesteinsmyra Skatepark 2014 [12/17/2014]
The skatepark in Risør has been replaced with a pre-fab park at some point. Here is a picture.

Spotcheck: Finalebanen Skatepark 2014 [12/16/2014]
Finalebanen in Tronheim is a concrete flat area with some DIY obstacles.

Skatepark News [Show more]

GSF Skatepark Cleanup Started [4/21/2015]
Work has started to clear out the thrash from under the bridge at GSF.

Ruten Skatepark Got New Paint [4/20/2015]
The Give A Day project has re-painted the asphalt of the skatepark at Ruten in Sandnes.

Tønsberg Skatepark Toilet Update [4/20/2015]
Tønsberg has decided to use 1.4 million kroner on the new toilet at Gunnarsbøparken.

Wants 1.600.000 For Indoor Skatepark In Gjøvik [4/20/2015]
Gjøvik Brettklubb wants 1.200.000 kr to develop the indoor skatepark between 2015 and 2017.

Pyramiden Skatepark Officially Opened [4/16/2015]
The new skatepark in Oppegård has been officially opened.

Hafstad Skatepark Has Opened [4/16/2015]
The new skatepark in Førde is ready for use.

Kolbotn Skatepark Named Pyramiden [4/15/2015]
Out of 92 suggestions, the jury selected the name Pyramiden suggested by Frank Robert Bøhn from Ski.

Snow Dumped At Sør-Amfi Skatepark [4/12/2015]
The skatepark at Sør-Amfi in Arendal has been used to dump snow.

Wants to expand skatepark in Porsgrunn [4/12/2015]
Greenland Skateboardklubb wants to expand the skatepark at Kjølnes to make room for both skateboarders and kickbikers.

Mill Woods Skatepark Reopens [4/10/2015]
80 percent of the Mill Woods skateboard park reopened Friday after an assessment determined it was in good shape.

St Helier Skatepark Reopens After Vandalism [4/10/2015]
Transport and Technical Services (TTS) temporarily closed the skateboard amenity in the Millennium Town Park earlier this week following vandalism but have worked quickly to ensure it would open in time for the weekend.

Mill Woods Skatepark Closed [4/8/2015]
Mill Woods Skatepark has been closed because of safety concerns, and a final assessment taking place within the next week will determine if the 10-year-old park should be permanently closed.

Skatepark Conflict Continues In Porsgrunn [4/6/2015]
The conflict over the skatepark in Porsgrunn continues, after a parent of a kickbiker wrote a letter with complaints where the rules are refered to as an apartheid system.

Kolbotn Skatepark Opening [4/6/2015]
The new skatepark in Oppegård is opening 15. April 2015.

Gjøvik Got Indoor Skatepark [4/3/2015]
After working on it since 2007, a 500 square meter indoor skatepark was finally opened in Gjøvik last month.

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Skatespot News & Updates

4/12/2015: Alex Mortensen at Nøstedhallen.

4/12/2015: Trikkestallen Wednesday Girlskate.

3/25/2015: Playboard Visits Kolbotn

3/20/2015: Blow n Up Lakeland Skatepark

3/20/2015: Jørgen Gundersen Fredrikstad Indoor.

3/20/2015: Trevor Colden at Diamond Plaza.

3/19/2015: Top 10 Garden State Skateparks.

3/19/2015: Thomas Thorkildsen Skate Vision.

2/27/2015: Smud Sessions at SVG Skatehall #2.

2/20/2015: Didrik Galasso at Bekkestua.

Skatespot News & Updates

2/10/2015: Outoor Skatepark In Trondheim!

2/9/2015: Smud Sessions at SVG Skatehall.

2/4/2015: Norwegian Winter Vert.

2/1/2015: Skate in Church.

1/29/2015: Daniel Pedersen Vision Footy.

1/19/2015: Fløyahallen 2015 Clips.

1/17/2015: Adem Kollen Skates Fysak.

1/17/2015: Exited about Levanger Skatpark.

1/15/2015: Saga Skatepark New Years Session.

1/13/2015: Monument at Stavanger Skatehall.

Skatespot News & Updates

1/10/2015: Playboard Visits Larvik.

1/8/2015: Oskar Hjellegjerde at Trikkestallen.

1/5/2015: Johannes Sundby at Trikkestallen.

12/18/2014: Michael Sommer Bekkis Part.

11/30/2014: RTSQD at Hausmania.

11/25/2014: Oslo Skatestop City.

11/25/2014: Sogndal Skatepark Pic.

11/20/2014: Mats Tambini at Hovden Skatepark.

10/27/2014: Playboard Visits Bekkis.

10/13/2014: Skateboarder Visits Fredrikstad.

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Skatespot News & Updates

9/29/2014: Tarjei Thomassen at Fysak.

9/29/2014: Fredrik Winsents at Fysak.

9/29/2014: Gard jonsson at Fysak.

9/26/2014: DIY Skatepark Photos.

9/25/2014: Justin Bieber Venice Skatepark.

9/23/2014: 50-50 Visits Lyngseidet Skatepark.

9/7/2014: Mentzoni Flipside Week #1.

9/7/2014: Tacky Visits Lørenskog.

9/3/2014: Wants skatepark in Orland.

8/25/2014: Pura Pura Skatepark Bolivia.