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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Tour Video: adidas Hawaiian Holiday [11/6/2018]
After the Hell of a Paradise ramp contest on Waikiki, the adidas squad scoured Oahu in search of stoke, including a mandatory visit to the infamous Wallows ditch.

Tour Footage: Dont Mess With Girl [11/6/2018]
The Girl squadron trekked out to Texas, shredding ditches and abandoned buildings en route to the Death Match in Austin. Hell, even McCrankers made the trip!

Tour Footage: Volcoms Terminal Tourist Video [5/6/2018]
Louie Lopez, GT, Pedro Barros, Provost and Milton Martinez dipped below the border to meet up with the Volcom South American team and spots were laid to waste! That BMX track is next level Book your tickets now.

Street Plant Open Hearted Tour 2018 [31/5/2018]
Street Plant Open Hearted Tour 2018, Denmark 31/5-3/6.

Tour Footage: Disturbing Elegance [26/5/2018]
Transworld in China.

Tour Footage: Pizza Skateboards Paris Iphone Clips [25/5/2018]
Just some raw iphone clips from Paris.

Tour Footage: Levis Mangled in Mexico [24/5/2018]
Companies fly halfway across the world when theres a wealth of killer spots, epic food and amazing people in Mexico. Check out this edit and then book your trip South of the Border.

Tour Footage: Bridget [18/5/2018]
A film by Sirus F Gahan for Grey and Vans documenting a trip to Marseille this January.

Tour Footage: Levis Here and There [18/5/2018]
See Naples and die is what they say, so this Spring Summer 2018 Levis Skateboarding partnered with Manny Lopez, Edouard Depaz, Quentin Boillon, Ale Cesario, Val Bauer, Charlie Munro and Mikey Patrick to see if Napoli lived up to all its praise and glory. They were welcomed by the beauty of the city, the organized chaos and the first snowfall in nearly 40 years. They discovered the streets and hidden spots the city had to offer while putting the SS18 collection to the test.

Tour Footage: The Life Happens Video [18/5/2018]
Two Weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Collective Culture team.

Tour Footage: Inca Skate Trail Episode 3 [14/5/2018]
INCA SKATE TRAIL: Hitting up La Paz in Bolivia. | Episode 3

Tour Footage: DC Shoes Latam Supertour 2018 [10/5/2018]
February 2018 saw the DC Skateboarding team travel to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. The boys stepped up and delivered across the 5 country stops. Now you get to sit in front of your interweb device and feel like you were a part of the whole thing!

Tour Footage: Volcom Skateboarding Copenhage [10/5/2018]
Volcom found themselves in Copenhagen, Denmark for the annual CPH Pro skate contest and met up with veteran Volcom team rider and local hero Rune Glifberg to show them around the city. After hopping on their bikes with the crew and getting a first-hand look at the Danish capital, they decided it was time to hit some of Copenhagens best skateparks.

Tour Footage: Volcoms Rager With A Reason 2018 [8/5/2018]
With stops at beaches, surf breaks, events, parks, retail shops, and skate-worthy hotspots along the way, the Raging With A Reason tour stops were always sure to include a party. Lots of parties, actually.

Powell Peralta Summer Tour 1988 OZ Footage [29/4/2018]
While on tour in Australia during the summer of 1988 Stacy Peralta shot film of the Bones Brigade and put together a montage of the teams adventures down under. Enjoy.

Tour Footage: Inca Skate Trail Episode 1 [27/4/2018]
Join a skate trip to discover the unique spots and local skaters connected by the ancient Inca road system linking modern-day Peru and Bolivia!

2018 SLS World Tour [20/4/2018]
SLS World Tour dates and locations

Tour Footage: Mud Sweatin Beers [20/4/2018]
Independent Trucks and NHS Inc: Seven dudes, ten hot-as-hell days in the South, 1,000 PBRs and seventeen gallons of perspirationNHS sent some soldiers into battle this summer and they came home victorious (and drenched). Looks like rails slide better when theyre dripping with sweat.

Tour Footage: Island Paradise Monster Storms Bali [14/4/2018]
Killer concrete in a South Pacific paradise? Sign us up! This is a prime example of work and play all mixed up into something marvelous. Book a trip to Bali now!

Tour Footage: Spitfire Wheels Equador Hellride [28/3/2018]
Spitfire Wheels went on a Hellride tour to Ecuador with Thrasher Magazine.

Tour Footage: Santa Cruz 2018 Florida Tour [28/3/2018]
After Tampa Pro the Santa Cruz team hit the road for some demos and signings around Florida. They made a few friends along the way... check out the cruz through the sunshine state!

Tour Video: JLB Malaga [28/3/2018]
Some of the Jetlagbrothers team head to Malaga to skateboard and enjoy the local delicacies.

Tour Footage: Israel Skate Trip [28/3/2018]
Vans followed the French Skate team on their recent trip to Israel.

Tour Footage: SOTY and Friends Go Big Down Under [27/3/2018]
Handrails, homies and the heaviest SOTY yetthis rip ride to Oz shows that Jamie Foy is just getting started. Hell yeah, boys!

Tour Footage: Endless Days In Iceland [14/3/2018]
At over 1300kms long, Icelands ring road circles the breath taking landscape of this unique country. From the blue lagoon and Reykjavik to the east fjords and magical sun that never seems to set, the ring road is the perfect path through an enchanting country.

Full Video: The Creature Tour Video [11/3/2018]
After finishing the Creature Video, the crew went on an 8 week US Demo Tour to promote the video and meet some Fiends. Gnarly Shredding, Demos, Signing and Hijinx, heres what went down...

Tour Footage: Moments from Mexico [7/3/2018]
With only a couple weeks of 2017 left to burn, etnies decided to take a last minute road trip 6 hours south of Southern California to explore some off the beaten path areas of costal Mexico with 3 of their favorite team riders

Tour Footage: Endless Days In Reykjavik [7/3/2018]
At over 1300kms long, Icelands ring road circles the breath taking landscape of this unique country. From the blue lagoon and Reykjavik to the east fjords and magical sun that never seems to set, the ring road is the perfect path through an enchanting country.

Tour Footage: OJ Hits Houston [5/3/2018]
Ben, Nora, and Austin native, Max Taylor came in hot to Houston and left no fullpipe, DIY, or crusty street spot un-skated. Check the recap and then grab your crew and hit the road.

Tour Footage: Balearic Wanderers [28/2/2018]
The eclectic Pusher Bearings team skate the Balearics.

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