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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Team Update: Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix [12/6/2018]
Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix.

Team Update: Kader Sylla with Bronson Speed Co [11/6/2018]
Kader Sylla: Welcome To The Bronson Speed Co Team.

Team Update: August Leo Hgy with Session Lagunen [11/6/2018]
August Leo Hgy with Session Lagunen.

Team Update: Jamie Foy on Dickies [26/5/2018]
The Dickies family shows up in full force to welcome our 2017 Skater of the Year to the squad. This team is stacked.

Team Update: Vetle Ballestad on Session Trondheim [26/5/2018]
Vetle Ballestad on Session Trondheim.

Team Update: Ryan Alvero on Bones Wheels [22/5/2018]
Bones Wheels officially welcome Ryan Alvero to the team!

Team Update: Antiz Pro Robin Bolian [22/5/2018]
Antiz Pro Robin Bolian

Team Update: Sebastian Silva with Session Sandvika [20/5/2018]
Session Sandvika welcomes Sebastian Silva.

Team Update: Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards [20/5/2018]
Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards.

Team Update: Sean Sheffey Back With Plan B [14/5/2018]
Plan B Skateboards has welcomed Sean Sheffey back to the team.

Team Update: Ulph Andersson on Creature [29/4/2018]
Creature welcome Swedish born, Spain Livin, Ulph Andersson to the international flow team.

Team Update: Alex Midlers Sovrn Pro Party [23/4/2018]
Alex Midler was promoted to the pro ranks. He was presented with his own pro model and there was cake! Midler is on top.

Team Update: Jahmir Brown on Bones Bearings [21/4/2018]
Coming straight out of the streets of Philadelphia we welcome Jahmir Brown to the team.

Team Update: Bean Raemers with Slam City Skates [15/4/2018]
Ben Raemers welcome to the Slam team.

Team Update: Welcome Pro Ryan Townley [28/3/2018]
Ryan Townley has turned pro with Welcome Skateboards.

Team Update: Robert Neal Welcome to Primitive [24/2/2018]
When the people are demanding it, usually thats when its time to make it official so here it is, Robert Neal: welcome to the team. Officially.

Team Update: Santa Cruz Pro Jesse Noonan [24/2/2018]
Santa Cruz OZ rider Jesse Noonan has turned pro.

Team Update: Tom Schaar Back On Element Pro Team [16/2/2018]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Tom Schaar back to the pro team.

Team Update: Griffin Gass Lakai Commercial [16/2/2018]
Lakai Footwear introduces their newest Am, Griffin Gass from Seattle, WA to the Lakai team and family, with this commercial for their newest model, the Bristol.

Team Update: Ducky Kovacs Pro for Pizza Full Part [12/2/2018]
Some heavy hitters made the leap from am to pro this year and Duckys a VIP member of that list. This new part is a barrage of hellacious hammers. Brace yourself.

Team Update: Habitat Welcomes Flo Mirtain [7/2/2018]
Flo and Habitat proclaim their partnership with a full video part loaded with bangers. This is how you introduce a new team rider! Bravo...

Team Update: Rodrigo Petersen on High Co [7/2/2018]
High Co. officially welcome Rodrigo Petersen.

Team Update: Juan Virues Welcome to Universal [7/2/2018]
Universal welcomes Viru to the team.

Team Update: Daan van der Linden on Nike SB [5/2/2018]
Trips are better with the homies. Wieger, Youness, Oski, Fernando, and Jacopo head to Gran Canaria with the newest SB pro. Welcome to the team, Daan.

Team Update: Cody McEntire Welcome to Ricta Wheels [5/2/2018]
Ricta Wheels are proud to Welcome The Catfish Cody McEntire to the Ricta Family.

Team Update: Stevie Williams WeedMaps Welcome [5/2/2018]
See Stevie back in the day as well as current footage in the streets of Barcelona. Hear what Boo Johnson and Tommy Sandoval have to say about a true OG. Get Stevies thoughts on WeedMaps and why hes a part of it.

Team Update: Remy Taveira on Carhartt WIP [5/2/2018]
Introducing Rmy Taveira to the Carhartt WIP Skate Team

Team Update: Team Skateboard France [30/12/2017]
Seems there has been some additions to the Team Skateboard France rooster.

Team Update: Sammy Montano Globe Welcome [22/12/2017]
Globe welcome Sammy Montano to the team!

Welcome Part: Salomon Cardenas on WKND [10/12/2017]
This part has all the first-rate production youd expect from a WKND video. It doesnt hurt that Salomon is one helluva skateboarder, seeking out the SoCal spots you dont see in every other vid. Welcome to the team, dude. Youre damn good.

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