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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Skate City: Episode 1 [14/8/2018]
In this episode of Skate City, Skatehub have taken you to, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco, and New York City. Ever wanted to see the most popular spots in these cities? How about the skate culture and environment? Now you can!

The Nine Club Episode 107 [14/8/2018]
Antwuan Dixon discusses starting skating at 12 yeas old, getting sponsored by Transitions, meeting Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington at ASR, filming for Baker 3, switching from Baker to Deathwish, going to jail, getting on Supra, his favorite skaters, his board company Rawdog, Straye Footwear and much more!

Skaters Favorite Skater Franky Villani Episode [14/8/2018]
Frankys two choices are like peanut butter and jelly, a pair that we can all agree on. From their shared parts to individual parts over the years, were sort of surprised these two havent been mentioned yet. (Watch until the end for some Franky footy.)

Thrill Of It All Episode 08 [12/8/2018]
In this episode, Jamie talks with iconic streetwear designer, writer, photographer and the Creative Director of The Hundreds brand, Bobby Kim, to discuss his life and journey of becoming one of the most impactful voices in the streetwear world.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 2 [11/8/2018]
Mark Monk Hubbard was a skateboarder, artist, musician, builder, dreamer, and visionary. This Loveletter is a tribute to Monk in his own words.

Episode: King of the Road Season 3 Webisode 5 [11/8/2018]
Watch the all-kill, no-fill version of the big Game of Stoke meet up. Dirtboard insanity and the Mystery Guests show up to wreck shop. Plus, hella extra tricks you wont see on the TV show. Free now, worldwide!

The Nine Club Episode 106 [8/8/2018]
Eric Dressen discusses starting skating at 8 years old, asking Tony Alva if he can skate for his team, auditioning for the movie Thrashin, getting on Dogtown, filming his Speed Freaks part in 2 days, leaving Dogtown for Santa Cruz, getting 3rd in the Savannah Slamma contest, getting let go from Santa Cruz, how he got into Tattooing, getting back on Santa Cruz, traveling for tattooing and skating, how the salad grind came to be and much more!

Cava Brain Episode 3 [6/8/2018]
Cava Brain #3.

Episode: King of the Road Season 3 Webisode 4 [6/8/2018]
Grab a hanky, cause this ones a tearjerker! Zion goes pro and the Real team honors P-Stone. Foundation has to redo some classic SF covers and Element joins the Panda Army all in the raw-dog, no-frills style youve come to expect. Free worldwide, forever!

Nord og Ned Monthly July 2018 Episode [3/8/2018]
Abel, Simen, Kristine, Gustav and Hvard.

Skaters In Cars Chris Russell Episode [3/8/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters In Cars, host Chris Nieratko picks up Creature pro Chris Russell to visit the Vans Park Series bowl under construction in Huntington Beach and revisit The Block in Orange.

Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 17 [1/8/2018]
The Elkin Raw Tapes returns with yet another amazing episode.

Gronze Island Episode 2 Sicily [1/8/2018]
Max Geronzi captained the convoy through the waters of the Mediterranean, where they punished Sicilian dream spots in style. This edit is must-see skateboarding.

Echoes From The Road Episode 4 [1/8/2018]
Echoes From The Road Episode 4.

Zero Sundays Episode 6 Oregon Edit [30/7/2018]
In this episode of Zero Sundays, the team cruises around Eugene, OR, and skates the Tactics ramp.

The Nine Club Episode 105 [30/7/2018]
Sean Malto discusses growing up in Kansas City, stealing wood to build a skatepark, getting on Girl flow at 13 years old, splitting his taint at a young age, bringing his A game when Kostons around, Biebel pushing him to make out with a girl at a demo in Australia, his friendship with Mike MO, almost signing with DC before getting on Nike SB, filming for Pretty Sweet and much more!

Episode: KOTR Season 3 Webisode 3 [29/7/2018]
Evan Smith goes on a cosmic voyage while Lil Nicky gets tricked into a belly-button piercing. Three dudes are handcuffed together and hilarity (and manuals action) ensues. Watch it right now, free worldwide just like back in the day!

Zero Sundays Episode 5 [27/7/2018]
In this episode of Zero Sundays the team skates some street spots on the way up to LA for an autograph signing and board release event at Active El Segundo where they also session a flat bar in the store.

Echoes From The Road Episode 3 [25/7/2018]
Antiz Echoes From The Road Episode 3

Tour Footage Petals Of Morocco Episode 3 [25/7/2018]
North Africas biggest-ever skate tour concludes with another insane terrain find: Klaus Bohms, Kris Vile, Jost Arens, Nassim Lachhab and Ryan Lay reach their final destination in Petals Of Morocco.

Thrill Of It All Episode 07 [25/7/2018]
In this episode, Ray talks with Jamie about discovering skateboarding in the mid 80s, and he goes into detail about how that curiosity set the course for his life of skateboarding, music, photography and faith.

Episode: Skateline 24-07-2018 [25/7/2018]
Ishod Wair, T Funk, Quasi, Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett, Spencer Hamilton.

The Nine Club Episode 104 [23/7/2018]
Jeff Lenoce discusses growing up in Florida, flying out to California for the first time, getting on Birdhouse, filming for The End, staying with Andrew Reynolds, Baker 2G, filming for the Lakai video Fully Flared, going from pro to working at Baker Boys Distribution and much more!

Echoes From The Road Episode 2 [21/7/2018]
Episode two of Echoes from the Road from Antiz Skateboards.

Skate Nerd: Daryl Angel vs Brian Anderson Episode [21/7/2018]
Skate Nerd: Daryl Angel Vs. Brian Anderson

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 1 Downhill [19/7/2018]
Jeff Grosso takes 14-minutes to appreciate one of the scariest and most thrilling things in skateboarding...going down a hill, fast.

Thrill Of It All Episode 06 [19/7/2018]
In this episode Jamie answers questions from listeners and discusses his favorite era of skateboarding, pushing through injuries, balancing skateboarding with family, his morning routine, THPS, team riders leaving and his faith.

Episode: Skateline 17-07-2018 [18/7/2018]
Shane ONeill, El Toro, Evan Smith, Erick Winkowski, Todd Falcon and more.

Tour Footage: Petals Of Morocco Episode 2 [18/7/2018]
Watch part two of the superb tour project by Sbastien Abes that follows Nassim Lachhab, Ryan Lay, Jost Arens, Kris Vile and Klaus Bohms through Morocco on a groundbreaking skate mission.

Zero Sunday Episode 4 at Carlsbad Skatepark [17/7/2018]
This episode of Zero Sundays is the team and employees skating at the old Carlsbad park (CBP).

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