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Kickflip (1983) [Articles] [Videos] [Photos] [Calendar] [Links]

Kickflip is a skateboarding trick.

Also known as: Ollie Kickflip [full name] / Kickflip / Magic Flip / Ollie Flip / Flip


The rider ollies and flicks his board on the heel side, in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the boards long axis.

Trick Tip: Learn The Ollie Kickflip


The modern kickflip was invented by Rodney Mullen in 1983, after a failed attempt at an Ollie.


In common use the trick is known as kickflip or simply a flip. The original name for this trick after conception was the "magic flip" because no one understood how it worked or flipped. Ollie kickflip is used to distinguish it from the 70s kickflip.

World Records:

Most consecutive kickflips in a row.

2008: Zach Kral [1546]
2008 - 2008: Christian Brekke [1424]
2008 - 2008: Zach Kral [1200]
2007 - 2008: Laurens Groenveld [566]
2007 - 2007: Chris Demendoza [563]
2007 - 2007: Magnus Borderwick [508]
2007 - 2007: Christian Brekke [332]
2007 - 2007: Carlos Ramos [284]
2006 - 2007: Chris Dziema [283]
2006 - 2006: .. [219]


1989: Kickflip Frontside Air

  • Frontside Kickflip
  • Backside Kickflip
  • Fakie Kickflip
  • Kickflip Shifty
  • Late Kickflip
  • 180 Kickflip
  • 360 Kickflip
  • Hard Flip
  • Hospital Flip
  • Casper Flip
  • Twisted Flip


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    X Games Trick Tips -- Billy Marks kickflip boardslide - ESPN
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    How To: Kickflip Shifty With Braydon Szafranski - TransWorld SKATEboarding
    [Play This Video]

    How To: Halfcab Kickflip Theotis Beasley - TransWorld SKATEboarding
    [Play This Video]


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    The New Kickflip World Record Is 1546 [14-12-2008 18:50:14]
    With 1546 consecutive kickflips Zach Kral from Wisconsin, USA has reclamimed the title of kickflip world record holder. Here is some more information.

    The New Kickflip World Record Is 1424 [19-09-2008 01:03:34]
    Christian Brekke set a new world record of 1424 consecutive kickflips during the Krux Kickflip Challenge qualification in Bergen.

    Krux Kickflip Challenge Norway Results [15-09-2008 07:32:52]
    Here are the results from the norwegian finale of the Krux Kickflip Challenge skateboard contest, held at Rådhuset in Oslo, Norway.

    Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 [12-06-2008 02:15:42]
    It is time for this years Krux Kickflip Challenge. Can you beat the norwegian record of 508 kickflips, or maybe even the world record of 1200 kickflips? Here is some information on the events and locations around the country.

    Trick Tip: Learn The Ollie Kickflip [30-11-2004 09:16:41]
    The ollie kickflip has become the defining trick of New School skateboarding. Also known simply as a flip, is an aerial skateboarding trick where the skateboarder kicks his board in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board's long axis.

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    Kickflip News & Updates

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    Kickflip News & Updates

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    Kickflip News & Updates

    Kickflip News & Updates