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King of the Road Season 3 Andys Big Slam [18/7/2018]
He dont just sit on the sidelines. Andy Roy practices what he preaches ... and pays in pain!

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Love and Guts Jam Footage [18/7/2018]
The legends of Love and Guts take a break from crafting their art and drop in the perfectly poured bowl at Dew Tour Long Beach. Watch Pat Ngoho, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Steve Cabellero, and Steve Olson shred!

Full Video: The Heritage [18/7/2018]
The Heritage, filmed by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba.

Episode: Skateline 17-07-2018 [18/7/2018]
Shane ONeill, El Toro, Evan Smith, Erick Winkowski, Todd Falcon and more.

FWS 2018 Edmonton TWS Footage [18/7/2018]
Ikeda Daisuke continues to annihilate contests with another win in Edmonton, Canada over the weekend.

FWS 2018 Edmonton Ikeda Daisuke Footage [18/7/2018]
The boy cant stop winning...Ikeda Daisuke wowwed the Edmonton crowd to win yet another FISE World Series Skateboard Street Final.

FWS 2018 Edmonton Richard Tury Footage [18/7/2018]
Having smashed it in the Semi Final, Richard Tury came THIS close to winning the Skateboard Street Final in Edmonton.

FWS 2018 Edmonton Joseph Garbaccio Footage [18/7/2018]
Another impressive run from the young Frenchman Joseph Garbaccio to land himself a 3rd place finish in Edmonton.

Tour Footage: Petals Of Morocco Episode 2 [18/7/2018]
Watch part two of the superb tour project by Sbastien Abes that follows Nassim Lachhab, Ryan Lay, Jost Arens, Kris Vile and Klaus Bohms through Morocco on a groundbreaking skate mission.

Tour Footage: Route Ones Bourbon in Durban [18/7/2018]
Route One celebrated recent new addition to their roster with a trip to South Africa!

Lakai in San Francisco for the Cambridge [18/7/2018]
Lakai teamed up with our friend, OG professional skateboarder Jovontae Turner, and created a shoe with his ideas and input. Being an innovator of style and footwear in skateboarding, they felt that Jovontae should have a shoe with his own twist on it, that matches his stylish aesthetic on and off the board. What better way to celebrate than to grab Carroll, Tae, and the crew and head back to the place where it all began.

Full Video: Brett [17/7/2018]
Brett is a new full video from Sailorpop.

Vans Park Series 2018 Canada Highlights Footage [17/7/2018]
Stop #2 of the 2018 Vans Park Series hit Hastings Skatepark with a bang! Pedro Barros knows you need to go big here and he did not disappoint and his fellow competitors came along for the party!

Minuit Paris [17/7/2018]
Minuit Audiovisual Paris.

King of the Road Season 3 Best of Evan Smith Day 1 [17/7/2018]
Whos the heaviest dude on KOTR this year? Three words: Star. Head. Body.

Vans Park Series 2018 Canada Alex Sorgente Footage [17/7/2018]
Alex Sorgente (USA) has taken 3rd Place in the 2018 Vans Park Series, Vancouver, Canada, Mens Pro Tour event.

Vans Park Series 2018 Canada Ivan Federico Footage [17/7/2018]
2016 Vancouver winner Ivan Federico (ITA) returned to the podium in 2018 to take 2nd place.

Tour Footage: Birdhouse Euro Tour 2018 [17/7/2018]
Over the summer, Birdhouse hit the road with the team across Europe, hitting up the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany!

Full Part: Clay Kreiners Madness [17/7/2018]
The title says it all. This part is flawless, face-melting madness from start to finish. The Concrete Gods smile upon thy son, Clay Kreiner.

Full Video: Brain Gone [17/7/2018]
The Brain Gone SK8MAFIA video was released in 2017.

Zero Carlsbad Skatepark Edit [17/7/2018]
This episode of Zero Sundays is the team and employees skating at the old Carlsbad park (CBP).

Backyard Vert Ramp In Fenstad [17/7/2018]
Mats Flindrum is building a vert ramp in his back yard.

Amherst Skatepark Grand Opening [17/7/2018]
Alex Rice Peace Park in Amherst NY grand opening is August 4th, 2018.

RIP Worcide DIY Skatepark [17/7/2018]
The skaters in Worcester Massachusetts lost their DIY skatepark, when it was torn down by the City officials without any notice.

Clay Kreiner Thrasher Interview [17/7/2018]
Clay Kreiner Thrasher Interview.

Chris Livingston Thrasher Interview [17/7/2018]
Chris Livingston Thrasher Interview.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Womens Pro Park Footage [17/7/2018]
Watch the Womens Pro Park finals webcast from the 2018 Summer Dew Tour in Long Beach, California. Eight of the Worlds best skaters gather together to compete in a four-run format. The skater with the best and highest score takes top honors.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Pro Street Finals Footage [17/7/2018]
Watch the Mens Pro Street finals webcast from the 2018 Summer Dew Tour in Long Beach, California. Eight of the Worlds best skaters gather together to compete in a three-run format. The skater with the best and highest score takes top honors.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Pro Street Footage [17/7/2018]
Mens Pro Street Qualifiers Webcast at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018

Mjsskate 2018 Brumunddal Footage [15/7/2018]
Footage from Mjsskate day 3 in Brumunddal.

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